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What We Wore

Dec 24, 2019

Our final episode highlights some of our favorite moments from the wonderful stories shared throughout the season. There were stories of great successes and struggles, shared truths about motherhood and beyond, and entertaining industry tales.  Thank you for listening this season!

Dec 18, 2019

For this special episode of What We Wore, you will hear from writer, horticulturist, collector, philanthropist and true visionary, Umberto Pasti.  Umberto spoke at Charlotte’s beloved Wing Haven garden to share his experience of creating Rohuna, his renowned garden in Morocco, and Laura Vinroot...

Dec 10, 2019

At 8-years-old, Stephan Janson declared his intention to become a couturier to his mother, and by 14, Stephan Janson had been to his Yves Saint Laurent show.  From there Stephan went on to work with many of the greats including Diane Von Furstenberg and Pucci, but ultimately decided he wanted to design his...

Dec 3, 2019

Booth Moore recalls that her first fashion memory was always having a purse as a child. Fast forward, Booth Moore has dedicated herself to a career on the editorial side of the fashion industry working with some of the most revered media brands including WWD, The LA Times, and The Hollywood Reporter.  Laura Vinroot...